8 Types of Events You Should Be Hosting at a Local Vineyard

If you are looking for the perfect place to hold your next event, a local vineyard may be just what you need. Event spaces at vineyards come with their own set of benefits that other venues do not offer. For example, since most events take place outside on patios and decks during warmer months, having them at a vineyard will give guests access to some of the best wine and views in the area. This blog post discusses eight different types of events that should be hosted at a local vineyard!

Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are all about celebrating the bride-to-be. Through financial contributions or gifts in celebration of the wedding, a bridal shower is intended to help the bride with her wedding preparations. But, let’s not forget that it is also about celebrating the bride-to-be and enjoying time with friends and family. Event spaces at vineyards are perfect for this event because everyone gets to enjoy breathtaking views and delicious wine all while celebrating the soon-to-be bride with her closest friends and family!

Wedding Ceremony

With beautiful vines, rolling hills, natural scenery, and an intimate atmosphere, planning an outdoor vineyard wedding can be a lot of fun. It also provides a great opportunity for gorgeous photos. At RayLen Vineyards, you can say, “I do” in a romantic setting surrounded by everyone special to you. We have multiple locations available for your wedding ceremony and reception. You have the option of choosing from our flexible wedding packages to make your day perfect and catered to you. Here are some tips on planning an outdoor vineyard wedding.

Wedding Reception

Whether you choose to have your wedding ceremony and reception both at a vineyard, or a wedding ceremony at a traditional church followed by a reception at a vineyard, there are many benefits of having the beautiful outdoor area for celebrating with guests. A vineyard is dreamy and romantic, and has ample outdoor space for dancing and plenty of gorgeous backdrops for your photos!

Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the most traditional ways in which loved ones come together to celebrate pregnancy. It’s a time for friends and family to share time with the expectant parents and to “shower” them with gifts, love, and good wishes before the birth.

Vineyard-based baby showers are great for groups of any size. Whether the mom-to-be just wants to celebrate with a few close friends and family members or wants to go all out with a party, a vineyard provides a perfect outdoor setting to celebrate.

Corporate Event

Whether holding an annual corporate picnic to thank employees for another year of service or celebrating something special (like a new contract or to give out awards for 20 years in business), a vineyard is a perfect combination of classy yet casual to host employees and their guests. At RayLen, we offer a special private events package for groups of up to 200. We can provide seating, a wine barrel bar, bartenders on site, discounts on wine purchases, free WI-FI, and set-up for your event.

Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate the wine lover in your life than hosting their birthday party at a vineyard? Having a beautiful outdoor setting to mingle is a great accompaniment to the wonderful wines you and your guests can enjoy while you’re there. At many wineries, you can bring gifts and balloons to celebrate the birthday boy or girl, but just be sure to check with the venue of choice to see if there are any restrictions regarding group size and decorations.


If you’re looking to celebrate you and your loved one for your anniversary, RayLen is a great location to do just that! We offer the ability for you to celebrate in an intimate setting away from home while enjoying an extended flight tasting with a private table. We have a Celebration package designed for two guests, but it can easily be adjusted for a small group. It takes a regular vineyard/winery visit and makes it a little more special for the couple. Of course, if it’s a big anniversary, like your 50th,  you just might want to go all out! We can take care of that too.


What better way to kick-off retirement than with a beautiful vineyard visit? We offer a relaxing and peaceful setting to enjoy wine, food, fun company… and every other thing retirement has in store. Our Event Coordinator can coordinate all the details you need for your day: choose from our flexible packages and make it perfect just for you!

Host Your Event at RayLen Vineyards

Of course, it’s important to check with the venue of your choice before hosting an event there. Some vineyards and wineries may require you to work with an event coordinator or might have certain restrictions you’ll want to be aware of before sending out your invitations. Learn more about our event packages and give us a call today! We look forward to celebrating with you soon.