Becoming a Savvy Wine Shopper: How to Get the Best ROI on Your Buys

Shopping for the best kind of wine can sometimes be an overwhelming task. There are so many choices, making it difficult especially for beginners to distinguish quality wines from the rest. After picking the taste and style of your preference, you now have to narrow down your selections under a specific type of wine as well.

If you want to be a savvy wine shopper, value is also a top consideration. It is possible to have the top-notch wine for an affordable price. In this simple guide, we at RayLen Vineyards will show you highly applicable tips on getting the best quality wines for the best price.

The Best Wines Need Not Be Expensive

The first pro tip you have you remember when shopping for wine is that the perfect bottle for you doesn’t have to be expensive. A great strategy that many experienced shoppers suggest is to:

  • Look for brands of high-quality wine
  • Find the mid or low-price range of the same brands
  • Compare your choices

Doing this will help you pick the best wine for a price point you’re satisfied with. Not only will you get a quality bottle, but you’ll also get a great value from a trusted brand.

Have A Shelf Strategy

Most wine shops have a system of placing wines on their shelves. You will notice that medium price range quality wines are at eye level, and expensive wines are at the top. The cheapest variations are mostly at the bottom.

We also suggest picking from the eye-level part of the shelf if you’re shopping at a store for the first time. Most wine sellers will place the bottles and brands they highly recommend at the most visible portion of the shelf.

Ask For Assistance

Speaking of recommendations, it is also crucial to ask for a wine expert’s help when making your purchase. We at RayLen Vineyards often have recommendations based on your preference. If you are looking for Merlot, Cabernet, or Petit Verdot, we have several selections you can choose from.

It doesn’t hurt to ask–explaining your background on wine, or the context of why you are purchasing will also greatly help. There are great choices if you are grabbing a bottle as a gift, for food pairings, or any special event.

Remember Rules Of Whites And Reds

Another great tip from us at RayLen Vineyards to get the best white and red wine is to:

  • Pick white wines from the recent vintage selections: The current vintage white wines are preserved at the optimum temperatures. This means that you will get the best taste of wines from around the 2016 to 2017 ranges.
  • Choose older red wines: Depending on your budget, higher-quality reds are within the 2015 to 2014 range. If you have the resources, pick the older red wines first. Older reds have a richer taste and are more aromatic than the recent variations.

Explore New Regions

Exquisite wines can sometimes be found in unexpected places. Perhaps you’ve been accustomed to wines from Spain or France regions, but there is always room to explore varieties from other vineyards.

RayLen Vineyards features spectacular wines from the Yadkin Valley AVA of North Carolina. If you haven’t experienced wines from this area, we encourage you to step out of the box and explore new regions–who knows? You may just find your new favorite.

Pick Your Ideal Flavor Profile

As with food, people have certain preferences with their wine. If you like the taste of apples or light juices, your ideal bottle may be the sweet white wine. Those who are accustomed to the bitter tastes of black coffee may prefer vintage red wines.

Thinking of your specific flavor profile can help you avoid ‘wine regret’, making your experience more enjoyable as you savor every drop.

Look Out For Holiday Discounts

Every so often, many wineries offer discounts at specific times of the year. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Christmas can be a great time to get the best prices for choice wine.

Additionally, there are also winery membership perks you can avail of. Our winery offers 20% discounts on case purchases, free access to events during festivals, and open house bonuses. If you are planning to be a wine connoisseur, having an exclusive membership is a great way to get quality varieties for the best price.

Seek Reviews And Credentials

Great wine speaks for itself. If you are looking for quality choices of wine, you can also rely on user reviews and previous awards of wineries and shops.

There are also reviews online, testimonies from friends or trusted people, and also awarding bodies you can refer to for the best wines. Our company was currently awarded as the Reader’s Choice at the Winston-Salem Journal. Generally, quality wines stand out from the rest regardless of how long each brand has been in the market.

Looking For Quality Wines? Visit Our Shop Today

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