The Perfect Pairing: How to Pick Wine for Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s difficult enough to plan your Thanksgiving menu; the last thing you have time for is thinking about what wines to pair with dinner. With so many different flavors on the table, it can be tough to decide what kind of wine you should serve, especially since one wine might compliment a certain dish, but not another. So how do you find the perfect wine for Thanksgiving?



Decide on the Meal

Your wine selection can begin once you decide what you’d like to serve, which can be the most time-consuming part of Thanksgiving. While many of us enjoy a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps you’d like to try making seafood this year, or go for dishes packed with spices. The flavor palette of your meal will help you decide whether or not you should serve a pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, or a dry chardonnay.



Know Your Audience

When you’re deciding on a wine selection for Thanksgiving, think about who will be attending dinner. Are they wine lovers, or just drink a glass or two on occasion? Pairing the right wine isn’t just about the food: it also depends on what your guests will enjoy. 

If they only drink a full-bodied red, or sparkling wines, you’ll want to purchase accordingly. If they’re willing to try unique blends of wine over multiple courses, that gives you the opportunity to showcase some amazing bottles. Alternatively, if you’re going as a guest, it’s important to bring something that can complement a variety of food in case your host decides to serve your bottle.



Find a Price Point

Once you’ve decided on the meal and gauged your guests’ preferences, it’s a good idea to think about how much wine you need at dinner. You don’t want to overspend, but also need to provide variety in case your guests enjoy sampling different wine throughout the meal. Once you pick the types of wine you’d like for Thanksgiving, you can set your budget.


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