How to Pick Wines Your Guests Will Love

Whether you’re an avid wine drinker with a refined palate, or a host trying to impress their guests, choosing the right wines for your upcoming party or gathering can be a hassle. Everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to wine, and it’s almost impossible to find a bottle that everyone can agree on. Here are our tips for choosing the best wines for entertaining a crowd.

Start with Your Budget

Having enough wine is more important than having an expensive quality wine. Don’t leave your guests hanging by not purchasing enough bottles to last the duration of your event, and don’t break your budget trying to get the most expensive bottles you can find.

Tip: Good quality wine doesn’t have to break the bank! Remember that no matter what anyone tells you, ‘good’ wine depends entirely on your tastes and not on the price tag. If you like the wine, go for it!


Red or White?

While the tastes and preferences of yourself and your guests definitely matter, sometimes an occasion, time, or even setting can help you decide the type of wine to buy.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • What’s the occasion? Some parties call for sparkling wines or champagne, while others can be enjoyed with an easy white wine such as a Riesling or pinot grigio.
  • What sort of food are you serving? Rich foods like red meats or pasta are usually paired best with a red wine such as a merlot or cabernet sauvignon.
  • What do your guests like? It never hurts to ask what your guests’ favorites are! Serving wine you know everyone already likes will also ensure you aren’t left with too many unopened bottles by the end of the night.



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Easy Wine Picks that are Sure to Please

Shopping for wine online for your next gathering or event? Here are a few customer favorites from RayLen Vineyards:

  • Category 5 – For guests who want a wine that’s full of flavor.
  • White Carolinius – For guests who want a crisp, refreshing wine to enjoy on a warm afternoon.
  • Pale Red – For guests who want an easy, sweet wine to sip.


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