Celebrate the Year of New Releases at RayLen Vineyards & Winery – A Look Back at What’s Been Released So Far

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As we head into August, it’s time to reflect on all of the exciting wine releases from RayLen Vineyards & Winery this year. From Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay and everything in between – there’s plenty for wine lovers to celebrate! At Raylen Vineyards & Winery, each release is carefully crafted and full of unique flavor blends that are sure to please vino enthusiasts in the Yadkin Valley and around the globe. Let’s take a look back at what’s been released so far in 2023 and raise a glass to all the awards received in the 2023 NC Wine Competition!

2022 Dry Riesling

RayLen Dry Riesling is a delightfully invigorating white wine, boasting a harmonious blend of refreshing fruit flavors, perfectly balanced acidity, and elegant structure. Hints of citrusy orange, succulent apricot, and the sweet essence of honey make up this crisp and fruity blend. Enjoy this refreshing beverage as a delightful aperitif perfectly paired with soft cheeses or as a splendid accompaniment to a spicy main course.

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RayLen’s Riesling is a delightful wine that tantalizes the taste buds with succulent apricot, refreshing honeydew, and luscious nectarine notes. Perfectly balanced acidity and a light body make this white wine an excellent accompaniment to seafood dishes or creamy desserts.

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2022 Rosé of Cabernet Franc

Luscious summer berries emerge from the glass, beckoning you to indulge in that initial sip. This exquisitely crafted Rosé showcases delightful notes of juicy watermelon and succulent Bing cherries. With its vibrant acidity and abundant fruitiness, this instant classic remains enjoyable and accessible throughout the year. Chill, and enjoy al fresco!

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Category 5

Released this June and born from the creative collaboration between late owner Joe Neely and winemaker Steve Shepard two decades ago, Category 5 is an exceptional red wine and customer favorite. This award-winning masterpiece is crafted from a proprietary blend of select French varieties. This year’s 20th vintage of our flagship wine, crafted from the bountiful 2021 harvest, pays homage to the extraordinary legacy of Joe.

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2022 Carolinius White

The Carolinius White remains a beloved choice amongst RayLen enthusiasts, year after year. Delicate floral notes are beautifully intertwined with the lusciousness of tropical fruits, creating a truly captivating experience for the palate. This delicately textured wine showcases ripe notes of apple, vibrant lemon zest, and a subtle hint of sweet honey that gracefully lingers on the palate.

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2022 Barrel Chardonnay

This exquisitely crafted French Oak aged white wine showcases a delightful creamy mouthfeel, complemented by subtle notes of delectable butterscotch. Enjoy this delightful combination by serving it slightly chilled. Pair it with aged cheese or savor it alongside grilled seafood or poultry.

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2022 Pinot Grigio

This white wine, crafted in the Italian style, boasts vibrant acidity that is beautifully balanced with a crisp and invigorating finish. Serve chilled and enjoy alongside antipasto or lighter entrees such as shellfish.

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2022 Chardonnay

The bright integrity and quality of this fruit-forward, dry RayLen Chardonnay are beautifully showcased through the cool stainless steel fermentations. The vibrant taste of ripe green apple and the delicate essence of poached pear intertwine harmoniously, uplifted by a refreshing zesty acidity. Serve well chilled and enjoy with seafood dishes, poultry, or soft cheeses.

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Pale Red

The latest edition of Pale Red showcases a refreshed appearance, exuding a sense of novelty and allure! This vibrant red wine captivates with its freshness, brightness, and delightful infusion of strawberry and sweet cherry flavors. Savor the delightful experience of this smooth red wine, best enjoyed chilled alongside your favorite sweet or savory dishes.

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2022 Viognier

Originally cultivated in France, the Viognier grape has now spread its roots across the globe, thriving in vineyards worldwide. Experience the exquisite taste of our Viognier, a splendid white wine with a captivating balance of flavors. Delight in the delicate hints of honeysuckle, complemented by the crispness of green apple and the lusciousness of pear. Pair this elegant white wine with lighter dishes for an unforgettable culinary experience.

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2021 Cabernet Sauvignon

Freshly released this July, the 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon delights with its opulent notes of blackberry, fig, and toasted hazelnut, enhanced by subtle hints of vanilla and spice. The well-integrated tannin and acidity contribute to a robust texture complemented by the velvety essence of French oak.

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NC Wine Competition

The 2023 NC Wine Competition saw wineries, cideries, and meaderies across the state enter for a chance to compete in the state’s premiere event. RayLen earned multiple awards this year, including a Gold Medal for our 2021 Reserve Petit Verdot and Silver Medals for our 2022 Barrel Chardonnay, 2022 Dry Riesling, and 2022 Rose Cabernet Franc.

We take pride in being part of such a vibrant and highly respected wine community and continuing our legacy of producing exceptional wines!

Great Taste, Pure And Simple

At RayLen Vineyards, we strive to produce the highest quality wines with a sense of spirit and passion. The “RayLen Way” is our commitment to sustainably producing award-winning wines while preserving the land and environment for generations to come. We take great pride in creating harmony among nature, people, and future possibilities.

Shop our award-winning selection online or visit RayLen Vineyards in Mocksville, NC for a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. Enjoy the peace of vineyards, the beauty of nature, and a glass of your favorite RayLen wine. We look forward to welcoming you to our home!

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