Essential Summertime Wine: New Releases from Your Local Vineyard

Running low on all your RayLen favorites? No worries, because right now is the perfect time to spruce your up wine rack for summer! As a local vineyard, we love nothing more than bringing the unique flavors of North Carolina wine country into your home. Whether you want to picnic at the park or relax on your patio, our latest releases are going to be your essential wines for summertime!


2018 Barrel Chardonnay

This dry, but refreshing, white wine is about to be your new summer staple. Our 2018 Barrel Chardonnay still has all the bright acidity you love, but it’s taken the time to mature in our cellar, so this fan-favorite has some brand new flavors. If you can wait another 6 months this wine will be at its ultimate peak, however, if you choose to open up this incredible bottle now, it will be like you’re enjoying one of our luxurious reserve wines! You’ll smell (and taste) rich flavors like papaya and pineapple, with undertones of oak and vanillin. You might also detect a hint of orange fruit in the middle of a sip – this wine truly captures it all.


2018 Pinot Grigio

Another deliciously crisp white wine, our 2018 Pinot Grigio is ideal for sipping on all summer long, but it also compliments a variety of light leafy greens you’ll serve on your dining table. Our latest batch of Pinot Grigio reflects it’s true colors, producing a reddish-bronze hue that’s as beautiful as any North Carolina sunset. Treat yourself to the aromas of melon and pear, and when you finally take a sip, you’ll notice a mild hint of minerality, which reveals flavors such as baked apples, mango fruit, and honey. You’ll relish every glass.


2018 Riesling

While we love dry wine, sometimes it’s nice to indulge in the sweeter side of things. If you’re searching for a wine that’s better than dessert, our 2018 Riesling will do the trick. This sweet white wine truly captures the flavors of summer in every bottle. Sit in your backyard and enjoy the flavors of white lily and honey, with afternotes of honeysuckle and candied lemon. Opening up a bottle is like taking a walk through your summer garden – light, refreshing, and full of new discoveries. For all you sweet wine lovers, check out our sweet wine guide for more recommendations.


2019 Viognier

If you want to experience a variety of flavors, the 2019 Viognier is your perfect match. It fully embodies all of the best parts of North Carolina wine – this a stand-alone varietal captures only one type of grape grown in our 100-acre vineyard. All the fruity flavors we love in warmer weather can be found in this bottle. Savor white peach and candied apricots in every sip before, during, or after dinner.


You can experience all of these delicious wines from the comforts of home, or stop by our tasting room to try them for yourselves the second our doors reopen! If you want to keep up with all of the latest releases and updates from RayLen, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!