Everything You Need to Know About Wine Bottle Sizes

Do you know your wine bottle sizes? There are a variety of different sizes available on the market, and it can be confusing to understand the difference between them. In this blog post, we will break down all of the different wine bottle sizes so that you can be an expert when you’re out shopping for wine!

Split or Piccolo

Size: 187.5 ml, holds ¼ standard bottle or 1 glass of wine

Designed specifically for sparkling wines, a split (or piccolo) is the perfect single-serve bottle.

Half or Demi

Size: 375 ml, holds ½ standard bottle or 2.5 glasses of wine

Why not share a delicious glass of something special with someone you love? A 375-ml bottle is the perfect size for two since it is half the size of a standard 750-ml bottle.

Half-liter or Jennie

Size: 500 ml, holds ⅔ standard bottle or 3 glasses of wine

This particular container, which lies in the middle of a half and full-sized bottle size, is widely used for Tokaj, Sauternes and other types of sweet wines. While there isn’t an official label assigned to it yet, one thing’s for sure: its convenient design makes enjoying your favorite indulgences even easier!


Size: 750 ml, holds 1 standard bottle or 5 glasses of wine

When most think of a bottle of wine, they typically picture the “standard” bottle. A timeless classic, this traditional bottle is equivalent to five 5-ounce glasses of exquisite wine.


Size: 1 L, holds 1⅓ standard bottles or 7 glasses of wine

By offering more bang for your buck, liters of wine have become increasingly popular in recent years.


Size: 1.5 L, holds 2 standard bottles or 10 glasses of wine

Not only are magnums the ideal choice for aging red wines, they can also provide a dramatic statement piece at any special occasion.

Jeroboam or Double Magnum

Size: 3 L, holds 4 standard bottles or 20 glasses of wine

Do you want to make a lasting impression? If a standard magnum won’t suffice, look no further than the Jeroboam! Named after Israel’s first King, this bottle is sure to elevate any occasion with its impressive double volume. So go ahead and indulge in twice the luxury – just like royalty would!

Rehoboam (Jeroboam in Bordeaux)

Size: 4.5 L, holds 6 standard bottles or 30 glasses of wine

Rehoboam, a celebrated biblical king and descendant of the renowned David (of Goliath’s tale), is also honored through these bottles which are predominantly used by grand Champagne houses to produce ample amounts of sparkling wine.

Methuselah or Imperial (Bordeaux)

Size: 6 L, holds 8 standard bottles or 40 glasses of wine

Whether it describes an Imperial gallon or the ancient patriarch in the Bible, one thing is true: “this format” means fun. After all, who doesn’t love celebrating with a bottle of their favorite drink?


Size: 9 L, or 12 standard bottles or 60 glasses of wine

Dubbed after an Assyrian ruler, this gigantic vessel contains the same amount of wine as a full case in just one bottle.


Size: 12 L, or 16 standard bottles or 80 glasses of wine

Balthazar, named after one of the Three Wise Men, holds the equivalent of two cases. It’s important to note that many wineries don’t produce such large bottles due to their fragility and slow consumption rate.


Size: 15 L, holds 20 standard bottles or 100 glasses of wine

Have you noticed a trend? Large bottles of Champagne are named after biblical figures and the Nebuchadnezzar is no different, making reference to the longest-ruling king of Babylon.


Size: 18 L, holds 24 standard bottles or 120 glasses of wine

With 24 standard bottles (or two cases) of wine, Melchior weighs in at a hefty 100 pounds! You’ll need an extra set of hands to help you get it down into the cellar.


Size: 20 L, holds 26 standard bottles or 130 glasses of wine

The magnificently grandiose 26-bottle behemoth is believed to have been a favorite of Solomon, the son of King David himself. It’s said that he would only sip on his cherished Cabernet from this particular vessel.


Size: 26 L, or 35 standard bottles or 175 glasses of wine

In 1988, Taittinger created this immense bottle to commemorate the launch of Sovereign of the Seas – at that time chartered as one of history’s largest cruise liners.

Primat or Goliath

Size: 27 L, or 36 standard bottles or 180 glasses of wine

The only suitable name for a bottle that can hold three cases of wine is Goliath, the legendary giant whose strength was no match for David’s cunning.

Melchizedek or Midas

Size: 30 L, or 40 standard bottles or 200 glasses of wine

The largest wine bottle on earth, the Melchizedek, is named after the mysterious priest-king of Salem who is mentioned in the book of Genesis. With enough wine to fill five cases and a capacity of 200 glasses, it’s easy to see why this bottle has earned its name. Equally impressive is its moniker in Bordeaux – Midas, a tribute to the Greek King who had the power to turn everything he touched into gold.

So there you have it! Whether it’s for a special occasion, an unforgettable gift, or just because you can – these behemoths are sure to make any event even more impressive. Next time you see a bottle of wine other than the standard 750 ml, you’ll know just what it is!

Wine Bottle Sizes

Image by Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Blog adapted from Wine Enthusiast Magazine

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