Wine in Style: How to Dress for a Winery Tasting and Tour

A local winery tasting is always fun, but in order to fully enjoy the flavors and experience of your local vineyard, it’s important to dress accordingly.

Now, that’s not to say you have to dress up in something too elegant or elaborate – you’re going to be sampling a few glasses of wine, so don’t risk the accidental spillage! While it’s important to dress appropriately for a wine tasting, your attire doesn’t have to be as chic as you think. We have a few attire tips that are sure to help you enjoy your local winery tour and keep you comfortable.

Wear Practical Footwear

It’s important to put your best foot forward when indulging in your favorite wines, but it’s even more important to pick appropriate footwear for the occasion. There is no need to wear uncomfortable dress shoes that will just pinch your toes and keep you distracted from the fun of a tasting room.

It’s a good idea to wear flats or shoes that offer you enough support to stand for periods of time, especially during a wine tasting. Our wine tastings are there to give you the ability to sample your choice of red, white, and reserve flights, so don’t let your uncomfortable footwear distract you from the delicious flavors RayLen has to offer.

Additionally, if you opt for a tasting and tour of our beautiful vineyards, then it’s essential to wear the right shoes for the occasion. Our wine tours last around 30 minutes, so you can see first hand how we convert our delicious grapes to the glass of wine before you. There are so many reasons to treat yourself to a local wine tasting, so wearing shoes you’re comfortable in is essential to completing the tour portion of this experience. We want all of our customers to feel their best when they visit us, so pick shoes you feel confident walking around in.

Layer Up

It’s no secret that the Carolina’s are known for their ever-changing weather. While that’s perfect for growing the grapes that go into our award-winning wines, it might not be ideal for you while you walk around the inside or outside of our winery.

No tasting experience is complete without comfort, so if you get cold easily, layer yourself accordingly. Our wine cellars and air-conditioned areas can be cooler in the summers, so we suggest bringing a light sweater in the event that you get cold.

Also, it’s important to wear attire you’ll be able to move comfortably in. Many of our special events are held indoors, and outdoors, so it’s a good idea to dress in something suitable for various spaces.

Pick Appropriate Colors

If you are prone to spills or knocking over your glass, it’s a good idea to wear colors that are acceptable for mishaps. Your favorite light blue shirt isn’t going to love our Pale Red the same way you do.

Dress accordingly for your flavor preferences, so you’ll be safe in case any accidental spills occur during your wine tasting. An all-white outfit might not be in your best interest unless you are a lover of crisp white wines.

Find a middle ground between colors you love, and are safe, in case the worst accidentally happens during your tasting.

Ask Your Local Vineyard

If you’re wondering what the weather forecast holds the weekend of your wine tasting, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll be able to tell you if jeans would be best for cool North Carolina weather, or if you don’t have to worry about layering – we’re here to help you with all your wine tasting needs. Whether you need help finding a RayLen reserve wine to pair with your artisan cheese board or want to know more about our case club, we’re happy to help in any way we can.

Need help creating the perfect wine list, or want to know which bottle purchased will taste best with your latest homemade meal? Take a look at our Five Questions to Ask During A Local Wine Tasting, so you can ask our wine experts all the right questions. 

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