Is It Wrong to Put Ice in My Wine?

Putting ice in wine is a highly debated topic among wine fans. Some believe it is a faux pas, others feel ice cubes are warranted under certain situations (such as the weather outside), while others enjoy their wine ice-cold and use a few cubes every time they pour themselves a glass at home. Here, we’ll talk about what ice cubes do to wine, how much ice you should use if you do choose to cool your glass with this method, ice alternatives, and situations that may encourage the use of ice.

What Do Ice Cubes Do to Wine?

Ice is responsible for diluting wine and watering down the taste unless you drink it quickly. Some people can enjoy a glass of wine quickly and prefer to have it ice cold. Ice in white, rosé, and red wines will dilute the taste if the cubes are allowed to melt. However, if you drink the wine before the ice melts, you have the ultimate ice-cold glass of wine which is refreshing and delicious.

Ice can also be beneficial for people who have sensitive stomachs but enjoy drinking their favorite glass of wine. People with sensitive digestive systems often experience acid reflux after drinking a glass of wine. Ice that is allowed to melt and dilute the drink can help prevent the onset of acid reflux or acidic stomach.

How Much Ice Should Be Put in a Glass of Wine?

The ratio of ice per ounce of wine in a glass depends on a person’s preference. However, a common rule is to have more wine in the glass than ice, unless the person requests the opposite option.

The size and shape of the ice cubes also play a factor in the amount of ice that should go into a glass. Using your best judgment and understanding if you want it to be diluted or not will help you make the right decision.

Ice Alternatives for Wine

RayLen Vineyards produces wine that is delicious and unique. Adding ice to this exquisite North Carolina wine might not be an option for those who want to taste every drop of perfection. However, there are a few alternative ways to make a glass of wine cold without using ice cubes.

If standard chilled wine doesn’t provide the cold temperature you prefer, try freezing a few grapes and adding them to your glass of wine. The grapes do not dilute the wine but do keep it as cold as a standard ice cube. You can also put the bottle on ice a few minutes before pouring. This allows the bottle to cool without the potential of diluting the taste.

When Is the Right Time to Put Ice in Wine?

The following situations are ideal for putting ice in wine:

  • You enjoy it – Everyone is different and has their own unique preferences for drinking their favorite glass of wine. If you like ice in your wine, be happy and enjoy every sip. Wine drinking police don’t exist so drink up and enjoy your iced wine.
  • You prefer your wine to be diluted – Some people who have digestive issues or who find a wine to taste too strong usually prefer ice so it dilutes the taste a bit. If you decide to use ice to dilute your drink, make sure you find the right ratio for your taste buds to ensure it’s enjoyable.
  • On a plane – Nervous travelers often reach for a glass of wine to calm their nerves. However, sometimes turbulence can make the wine sit heavy in your stomach which can make air sickness worse. If you are on a plane, ask for ice to help dilute the wine and take small sips throughout the flight.
  • It’s hot – Hot weather is the perfect time to have ice cold wine. You will immediately cool down as soon as the wine touches your lips! However, what if the weather is perfect outside but the wine itself is hot or warm when you take it out of storage? If you are in a rush to chill the wine, add a few ice cubes to a glass to enjoy while you place the rest of the bottle in the refrigerator to chill.
  • You don’t want to get drunk – You might be at a work event that has an open bar or another professional event where you want to enjoy a glass of wine or two but not feel tipsy. The idea of adding ice in these types of situations is to stretch the one glass of wine as far into the event as possible to avoid drinking more and possibly getting tipsy or fully drunk.
  • A recipe asks for ice and wine – Chilled or iced beverages for a special girl’s night or outdoor barbeque is highly popular. Adding ice to cocktails that require wine as part of the recipe is great, especially when the ice is crushed instead of cubes.

It’s not wrong to put ice in wine but it should be done with careful thought depending on the situation.