5 Top Questions to Ask During a Local Wine Tasting

It’s no secret that when you go to a local wine tasting, you’ll experience delicious and unique flavors with every sip you take. But chances are, you might be thinking about what ingredients go into every bottle of wine you try, or how long it takes to make some of your favorite wines. But, in order to make the most of a local wine tasting, it’s important to take a moment and think about what you taste in every sip. 

What goes into making each wine? How are you supposed to enjoy different types of wine with different dishes? Honestly, there are so many things to consider with your wine tasting, it’s hard to know all the answers yourself.

When in doubt, talk to an expert! While you might have a lot of questions dancing around in your head, we came up with the five top questions you should ask when you visit a local tasting room.


What should I pair this wine with?

If you come across a certain wine that really speaks to you, take a moment to ask what dishes it will pair best with on your dinner table. Certain reds or whites might clash with your favorite foods, and the last thing you want is to open your favorite bottle and experience too many flavors.

It’s also a good idea to see which wine would go best with a variety of different foods, for any future dinner parties and events you might host, or as possible gift ideas. Your wine expert will point you in the right direction, and provide at least one or two suggestions based on what you like, or what wines will please any guests you host.


How long do you age this wine?

Every bottle of wine is different, so it’s important to ask about the aging process, in order to really grasp the different flavors you taste with each flight. Some wines are aged in barrel oaks, while others are in metal. At RayLen, we pride ourselves on aging our award-winning wine within just the right time frame, so you’ll always get exactly what you’re looking for.


How long should I wait before drinking my wine?

Typically, most wine has a time frame that is optimal for consumption. If you wait too long, you could risk the wine going bad, or the flavors shifting in a way you may not enjoy. It’s important to clarify what timeframe is best to drink whatever bottle you decide to purchase, so you still enjoy all the flavors that made it speak to you in the first place.


Do you have a recommendation?

Who knows wine better than the experts? During your tasting, you might be drawn to more than one wine that really speaks to you, but might not be sure which bottle you’d like to take home. In that case, it’s a good idea to ask your tasting expert if they have a recommendation. Tell them if you prefer red, white, or sparkling wines, and they’ll be able to guide you about which bottle suits your needs.


Tell me more about the vineyard!

One of the benefits of visiting a local vineyard is the amazing stories you’ll hear. Every vineyard has a different narrative, and in order to enhance your experience, it’s a good idea to immerse yourself in the history of the company. At RayLen, our story begins with our name,  and we love sharing our history with every customer we meet.



When you visit a local vineyard, your tasting experience will be far different than anything else you’ve encountered. Why? Because in North Carolina wine country, we focus on creating amazing wines that please every palate and try to change the way you think about North Carolina wines. If you want to experience more than just amazing wine, and talk with wine experts who will talk you through each flight you sample, schedule your tour online today, or call 336-331-5579. If your group will have 10 or more, please call 336-331-5668 so that we can ensure your experience is top tier!