Explore the Sweeter things at RayLen: Our Sweet Wine Guide

No matter the temperature outside, there’s always time to explore the sweeter side of things at RayLen Vineyards and Winery. While we love showcasing some of our favorite red and white wines, there are a few sweeter staples that are a great addition to your dinner table. From a date night, to an evening with friends, check out our sweet wine guide below to learn more about what makes these flavors so unique, and find the types of wine that suit your palette.


Fizzzy Sparkling Rosé

If you love a sparkly, bubbly drink, you’re sure to enjoy Fizzzy! Fizzzy is a sparkling semi-sweet rosé wine that’s as at least as pretty in the glass as it is delicious with it’s fresh, bright pink hue. This sparkling rosé features floral flavors along with ripe peach, honeysuckle and citrus. Fizzzy pairs excellently with brunch and sharp cheeses. (It’s also perfectly enjoyable on its own!) 


Rosé of Cabernet Franc

RayLen’s Rosé of Cabernet Franc brings the nostalgia (and Southern roots) to a sophisticated wine with flavors of rhubarb and fresh strawberries. Don’t let the fruitiness trick you into thinking this is too sweet to sip. This wine’s crisp acidity makes RayLen’s Rosé a perfect drink to serve at your next gathering, and if you need more assistance, we can help you pick wines your guests will love. Personally, we recommend enjoying it with grilled salmon topped with a lemon dill sauce.



The best flavors go down smoothly, and that’s exactly what RayLen’s Caravel will do for your palette. Its rich but lovely ruby red color matches the bold flavors you’ll experience with every sip. The taste of blackberries and black cherries pair superbly with aged cheeses, figs, and chocolate truffles. Or, you can indulge yourself with the Caravel on its own. The flavors will definitely speak for themselves.


Pale Red

The Pale Red resembles a Rosé in many ways, but has hints of cherries and grapes with each sip. For a sweeter red wine, it can be a great companion for spicy foods you serve at the dinner table. It can combat the heat with ease, because of the sweeter flavors and smooth aftertaste. This sweet wine is a great year-round staple. Sample its unique flavors by booking a wine tasting with us today.



Whether you’re searching for something sweet, smooth, or dry, RayLen has something for every wine drinker. From sparkling wine to dessert wine, whatever you’re looking for, we can help you find flavors that match your palette. Curious about the differences in sweet and dry wine? Take a look at our Casual Wine Drinker’s Guide to find your favorite flavors at RayLen. 

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