Six Reasons to Enjoy A Local Wine Tasting

Whether you’re a casual wine drinker, a seasoned connoisseur, or don’t know the difference between chardonnay and cabernet, check out these perks and get ready to love your next trip to the winery.

Here are six reasons to go to a wine tasting ASAP!

  • You’ll find new flavors to love.
  • You’ll be able to try unique blends.
  • You’ll become a smarter buyer.
  • You’ll enjoy a relaxing day in a beautiful atmosphere.
  • You’ll meet new people.
  • You’ll support local businesses.

Learn what you love.

No two wines are exactly alike. Just because you enjoyed that red table wine at dinner the other night doesn’t mean you’ll love a cabernet franc or a merlot. At a wine tasting, you’ll be able to sample a range of wines from various grape varieties to get a better idea of what you like. Wine tastings are a great opportunity to figure out exactly what you like without purchasing (and potentially wasting) a whole bottle of wine.



Sample something strange.

Wineries will often have seasonal blends featured for a limited time throughout the year. No two wines are exactly the same, which is why one winery might make and serve several different blends of the same variety. Tastings allow you to try these unique blends before committing to the entire bottle.



Be a smarter buyer.

Ever stand on the wine aisle of your local grocery store and wondered why some bottles are $3.00 and others are $30.00? Attending wine tastings will help you get an educated idea of fair pricing and help you save money.



Treat yourself to a day-cation.

Picture this: A comfy seat, breezy weather, warm sunshine, peace and quiet, all wrapped up with a sunset.

No, it’s not an island vacation: it’s a wine tour daycation! Wineries offer patrons rest and relaxation in a quiet, sophisticated atmosphere. Since wineries require a lot of land to accommodate their vineyards, your outdoor experience will include views of wide open landscapes unobstructed by parking garages and office buildings.



Meet new friends.

They say the best way to meet people who enjoy the same hobbies is to start doing more of the things you enjoy. You can always arrange to go with friends, but flying solo at wine tastings can help you come out of your shell and meet some new faces. Between the relaxing atmosphere and all the good wine, you’re sure to enjoy some great conversations.



Support local business.

Don’t just reach for any old bottle of wine at the supermarket. Instead, invest in a better wine experience by visiting a local winery. It’ll be a more enriching, educational, and enjoyable experience, and you’ll get to boost the local economy and support local business.

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Or, if you want to prepare for a tasting, check out our FREE wine guide.