The Hidden Gem of North Carolina Wine Country: Rosé Wine

While it’s famous for its pale pink appearance, fruity flavors, sweet strawberry notes, and overall unique flavor palette, rosé is far more than a sweet indulgence. North Carolina Wine Country might be known for its drier wines, but we are also huge fans of rosé, no matter the time of the year. If you want to learn all the best-kept secrets of rosé wine, we have plenty in store.


How is Rosé Wine Made?

Similarly to white wine, rosé doesn’t let the skin of grapes linger in it’s aging process. However, red wine grape skins are what give rosé it’s the unique pink coloring – the longer they sit, the deeper the pigmentation. So depending on the type of rosé winemakers want to create, they’ll let the red grape skins sit for as long as they want. The less skin contact, the lighter the color. The color possibilities are endless!

At RayLen, our chief winemaker lets our grape skins sit for a few days, so they create the most beautiful hue of pink wine and enhance the flavors of rhubarb and strawberry.


What Can Rosé Be Paired With?

Just like red or white wine you try during a wine tasting, rosé has multiple different flavors. Some are light and dry, while others have a medium body similar to a White Zinfandel, and some are full-bodied wine that lets the red grape skins soak for days on end.

Each of these types of wines can be enjoyed at a tasting room, or from the comforts of home – but the real question is, what does rosé pair best with?

Contrary to popular belief, rosé doesn’t only taste best with leafy greens or seafood. In fact, rosé is one of the most diverse bottles of wine you can have on a table – which is why it shouldn’t be limited to summertime! Rosé can be paired with full-bodied meats you serve at holiday parties, and spicy dishes you have during the wintertime. Even meats like beef or lamb will taste great with the right bottle of rosé!

Don’t let the summertime stigma keep you away from rosé. We love getting to indulge in this lovely wine year-round in North Carolina wine country. The Yadkin Valley is a place where flavors come alive – so if you want to try something distinct, make the Mocksville Wine region your flavor destination.


Sample RayLen’s Rosé for Yourself

Now that you know a little more about the unique flavors that come from rosé wine, it’s time to try some for yourself. If you’re eager to start drinking rosé, no matter the occasion, we have just the wines.

Our Rosé of Cabernet Franc is a personal favorite among guests. We let our grape skins soak for four days, so you can experience some of the delicious notes of our Cabernet Franc in this bottle. Once removed, our wine sits in a stainless steel barrel, aging to perfection before it’s ready to be bottled. This wine is great for cocktail hour, dinner parties, or a quiet night at home.

If you want something a little sweeter, our Fizzzy Sparkling Rosé can beat during the summertime heat. Our newest addition to the vineyard, Fizzzy has notes of peach, honeysuckle, and citrus, that are packed full of bubbles with every sip. You can enjoy this wine with a spicy brunch, or a charcuterie board. The best part? We’re offering this product to-go! Call ahead to place your order, and come pick up your four-pack today. No one knows your flavor palette quite like a local vineyard and winery – so if you need help finding your perfect rosé, we’re happy to assist. 


To learn all about our latest releases, head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages for daily updates! If you want to gear up for summer, explore our sweet wine guide to learn what bottles best suit your palette.