Planning an Outdoor Vineyard Wedding

With beautiful vines, rolling hills, natural scenery, and an intimate atmosphere, planning an outdoor vineyard wedding can be a lot of fun. It also provides a great opportunity for gorgeous photos. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are thinking of a vineyard wedding, there are some considerations to keep in mind in order to create a successful day. From doing your research to picking the menu, here are some tips we have to plan the perfect outdoor vineyard wedding.

Do Your Research

Vineyard weddings are becoming more popular, but they can vary in style and execution. For example, some vineyards will allow you to bring your own caterer while others offer a full-service catering package. Some have different pricing structures or only allow certain types of food vendors. Additionally, there may be limitations on the number of guests. Local noise ordinances may also play a role in the type of music and entertainment you choose for your vineyard wedding. Doing your research and contacting the vineyard before booking will be key to making sure you have a great, stress-free experience.

Make the Most Of Your Surroundings

When choosing a vineyard as the location for your wedding, your venue is probably already beautifully decorated naturally! With a venue that’s already filled with an abundance of natural beauty, you may consider letting the site speak for itself and opt for a minimal display of décor. Still, you may want to add in some elements of your own style and personality by using a bit more color than is typically found at the vineyard’s entrance. Decorating with green foliage through your table elements can add an element of classiness and tie the décor to the backdrop. You may also want to consider the types of decorations you choose. Keep in mind that an outdoor wedding always opens to the venue to the elements. Think about decorations and features that can stand up to a little bit of wind.

Consider Your Drink Options

Depending on the location, some vineyards may limit your bar options, only allowing you to serve their own wines and eliminating the option of serving other options of alcohol. This is something to pay close attention to when discussing your options with your wedding planner or venue coordinator.

Incorporate Wine Barrels Into Your Décor

One subtle way to bring in the feeling of a vineyard/winery into your décor is to incorporate wine barrels into your ceremony space or cocktail hour. They can be used as tables or to elevate arrangements. The wood also keeps with the natural, rustic theme that often gets used for weddings held at vineyards.

Plan for Sun

Outdoor venues, whether at a vineyard or not, tend to be very sunny. When throwing an outdoor wedding, it’s important to keep guest comfort in mind. Consider how you will offer shade to guests. Incorporating A-frame tents where guests can have shade is one option. Another option is to consider using umbrellas as shade when sitting down with family members during the ceremony.

Choosing the Menu

When picking out a menu for an outdoor wedding, consider how you will pair the wine with your dishes. Work with your caterers and bar team to determine what wines you will serve based on your menu. On your menu cards and signs, you may want to consider including a note about wine pairings. If guests have preselected their entrée, you can include the name and the selection of the wine next to each meal description, but, if you are hosting a family-style meal, list the suggestions that pair best with what the caterers are providing.

Plan for Photos

One of the greatest perks of marrying at a vineyard is utilizing the scenic backdrop that your venue provides, especially for photos. Rolling hills, lush greenery, and an abundance of natural light make for a stunning collection of wedding pictures.

Consider Nighttime Lighting

Be sure to look at the vineyard at nighttime to get an idea of the natural lighting and what setup the vineyard has for venue lighting. If you are considering a tent with overhead lighting, be sure to ask if the venue can accommodate this. You’ll also want to consider how powering any strip lighting will work and where any cords might run. You want to make sure extension cords aren’t in your beautiful photos.

Weddings at RayLen Vineyards

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