How is RayLen Changing the Way People Think About North Carolina Wine?

RayLen is changing the way you’ll think about NC wine

When you ask a room full of wine fans to describe “North Carolina wine,” you’re sure to learn rather quickly that most folks think of NC wine as being sweet and southern. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just not always true. NC’s reputation for sweet tea and sweet wine stems from its southern roots and the popularity of muscadine wine in North Carolina. Here’s the thing: not all NC wines are muscadine, and not all of them are sweet.

At RayLen Vineyards, we’re widening the scope of NC wine country to make NC wines enjoyable for all wine drinkers. From seasoned sommeliers to those new to the wine scene and from those who love the sweetest white wines to those who prefer the dryest reds, we want to be sure everyone can find something to enjoy at RayLen. In fact, RayLen’s endeavors to celebrate and enrich NC’s local wine culture have earned us more than 200 awards for our wine production. Here’s why.

RayLen has a North Carolina wine for everyone.

If you haven’t been to RayLen, you might understandably think “North Carolina wine” is just a synonym for “sweet.” While sweet wine is indeed a beloved staple at wineries in North Carolina, RayLen proves that North Carolina wine has depth and character beyond its beloved sweet stereotypes.


From our sweet Caravel dessert wine to our popular Carolinius blend, RayLen’s red wines have won over 155 awards.


Whether you prefer wines on the sweeter side or stick to bottles that are crisp and bubbly, with nine white wines and 117 awards, we think you’ll find a wine that suits your fancy.


Why Category 5 Breaks the Mold for NC Wines

What makes RayLen’s NC wine so good?

RayLen is at home in the internationally-recognized, federally-approved Yadkin Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA). The Yadkin Valley wine region is especially well suited for growing European wine grapes, which means RayLen is able to produce refined European varietals right here in North Carolina. RayLen is a proud charter member of the AVA and we cultivate over 35,000 vines in our Yadkin Valley vineyards.

Come see it (and taste it) for yourself!

Easily accessible from both the mountains and the coast of North Carolina, Raylen is nestled among the rolling hills of the Yadkin Valley. RayLen is just a quick day trip from the Triad area, Charlotte, and Raleigh.

Come visit our tasting room, hang out on the patio, and sip some wine at:

RayLen Vineyards & Winery
3577 U.S. Highway 158
Mocksville, NC 27028



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