RayLen Wines Have Summer Personalities

Summer changes the way we drink wine. We’re outdoors. We’re in the sun. We’re on the beach. We’re on the lawn by the lake, enjoying the shade and breeze. We’re staying up late around the beach fire. We’re out on the boat, searching the sky for the full moon, shooting stars and comets. We’re grilling out dinner on the barbecue, not dressing up for dinner parties. Thus, our summer wines reflect the light-hearted nature of summer. 

Often, we talk about wine flavors, comparing them to fruits. Let’s compare our summer wines to summer personalities.

Category 5

If Cabernet Sauvignon were a person, Cab Sauv would be a partner at a powerful law firm.

For summer, Cabernet Sauvignon loses the starched button down for a linen shirt. Think of an untucked shirt with a pineapple print in blue. Match that with a pair of cotton linen shorts. Add a pair of topsiders that grips the boat deck during high weather. That’s why RayLen Vineyards lightens up their noble Cab Sauv with a blend. Cab Sauv adds Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Syrah to the entourage.

As for high water, a Category 5 fan can outrun a howling hurricane. The outer winds of a hurricane fill the sails of the Category 5 type.

Luv it Sangria

We all know a Luv It Sangria. Luv It Sangria is a friend who begins summer fun on the first day of warm weather. This blend dresses in lighter fabrics, and wears sandals before everyone else. You’ll find Luv It Sangria dancing on the beach, barefoot, before most people start planning a beach weekend.

Luv It Sangria melds a premium red wine with citrus, creating a wine that one can drink long into the balmy night. It pairs well with intimate conversation around the fire pit. Of course, dress up the glass with slices of oranges. Touch up the glass with a little lemon soda. Luv It Sangria is all about imagination. Luv It Sangria is all about accessories.

Luv It Sangria dines on Mexican street food, tacos straight from the beach-side truck. Expect the Luv It Sangria type to feed you bites of scrumptious tapas because it’s so much fun.

Pale Red

Pale Red is that fun-loving friend from college. Pale Red never needed to grow up, succeeding in business without even trying. When it comes to dances around a seashore bonfire, Pale Red knows how to find them. In summer, Pale Red never wears shoes with socks.

Pale Red blends three varietals known for frivolity: Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Concord. It’s what culinary tourists of the south can drink after drinking sweet tea all day to beat the heat. When Pale Red dines along restaurant row, count on gumbo, jambalaya and crawdaddys.

Fizzzy Bluzberry

Fizzzy Bluzberry stays hydrated while pursuing the active lifestyle on the water. You’ll see Bluzberry out jet skiing on the bay when the sun is out. Later, it’s time to dine on the water. Look for Fizzzy Bluzberry cans in koozies as the summer fun continues. The captain throws out the anchor, and the grill captain roasts a batch of brats and gourmet burgers.

Fizzzy Bluzberry wants to entice all the beer drinkers on board. Bluzberry goes after those newbies besotted by hops. Somebody has to cross beer drinkers over to the summer wines lifestyle. Fizzzy Bluzberry has the moxie to make it happen.

Fizzzy Bluzberry likes to drop out of the boating scene after a few days on the saltwater. You’ll find Bluzberry in ice buckets at the poolside on those special days. Bluzberry loves to go paddling around the cypresses in a kayak. The Yeti keeps the blueberry wine cold.

Fizzzy Rosé

Fizzzy Rosé loves to hang out with Bluzberry Fizzzy. Fizzzy Rosé loves to dress for summer fun. Rosé picks out sundresses and sandals for Bluzberry, who is too caught up in the action to shop. Rosé slips out of the sun while the yacht cruises the open water to review her day trading. Pool day, Rosé slips into the hotel business center to return calls from clients. Fizzzy Rosé places their orders.

Fizzzy Rosé always adds a touch of seltzer and ice cubes to her fizzzy to make a summer wine more refreshing. Rosé loves the taste of fresh fruit. Strawberry and peach slices garnish the glass, matching the bold Petit Verdot flavors.

Fizzzy Rosé makes dinner with fresh ingredients, enjoying produce from the farmers market. Rosé celebrates North Carolina cuisine, steaming shrimp kicked up a notch by a family recipe. Count on Rosé to make a feast of the fresh catch from the docks, broiled over charcoal by the grill captain.


Riesling loves to bring friends over for North Carolina barbecue. Riesling enjoys nothing else but BBQ for lunch and dinner during the summer months. Riesling and BBQ were made for one another. BBQ is savory and satisfying. Riesling loves nothing better than to change sauces five times during dinner. Riesling goads you on to try them all: North Carolina Vinegar Sauce, Piedmont Dip, South Carolina Mustard Sauce, Texas Mop Sauce and Kansas City Sauce. Riesling reminds BBQ lovers to cleanse their palates between sauces. A good sip of clean, crisp Riesling with lovely acidity works wonders.+

RayLen Vineyards & Winery offers wines for every summer personality and taste. Browse RayLen’s selection and find your new summer companion today!