The Hottest North Carolina Wine Trends in 2020 That You May Have Missed

For the past few years, fizzy, no-cal or low-cal sodas have been all the rage. You may have noticed that trend has trickled over into wines as well. Many wineries are now offering fizzy, carbonated wines. Carbonated wines are unique in the way they are produced and offer a light, refreshing taste. We also created a few this season that are a must try.

Fizzy Wines Are All the Rage

By now, you may be wondering exactly what a fizzy wine is and how it differs from champagne. Champagne is a carbonated wine that is produced in the Champagne region of France. Our fizzy wine differs from champagne in that we use different types of grapes to produce our wine and the process of carbonation varies than the way traditional French champagne is made. While our recipe for this tantalizing creation is a secret, we can tell you that our Fizzzy Bluzberry wine is made from a combination of different white grapes and sweet, North Carolina grown blueberries. We offer this great wine in either a bottle, single can or a 4-pack, all of which can be purchase online on our website.

Rosé All Day

Rosé is a type of wine that has been around for a while now. It is an interesting creation because it is thought to be the mid-range wine for many connoisseurs. It is neither a heavy wine or overly sweet. In terms of wine trends for 2020, this year rosé is paler than ever. While most rosés have some variation of a pink-tinge, the ones being created this year are focused on crisp, bright flavors. In fact, our wine named the Rosé of Cabernet Franc, embodies that trend as well. It’s blend of acidity, along with summer strawberries, makes for a crisp drink that pairs well with fish. Many people are turned off by the rose colored wine because they cannot figure out what it is supposed to be. Is it white or is it red? The answer is, rosé is something totally unique in the flavor profile that you have to try in order to understand it. The acidity of a good rosé is likened to that of the flavor of tartness found in grapefruit. This flavor paired with sweeter fruit produces a slightly pink-tinged wine that offers a delicate flavor. In this year’s rosé winners, there was a trend in the type of grapes that were used. Native to Spain, the Grenache has been the most used grape for this type of wine. It produces a high alcohol content and pairs well with different types of sweet berries, which is probably why it was so popular this year. RayLen vineyards offers our 2019 Rosé of Cabernet Franc which is a bright, glimmering salmon color with notes of fresh strawberry and raspberry aromas. The flavors glide smooth with cherry fruit flavors and are balanced with a sense of richness. 

Going Natural

Another one of this year’s wine trends is natural wine. You may have never heard of a natural wine because it is a newer way to produce wine. A natural wine is made through as little intervention as possible. It is a process, which uses less additives and is with fewer chemicals. This trend is a great idea for those people who develop headaches from the sulfites found in wine. These wines ferment in a more natural way, much more like they did years ago. This process takes longer to produce and creates a more acidic taste. Because of the way the process varies, the taste of a natural wine is said to be very different than other wines that are being produced. This wine, can in fact also have a slight fizziness to it. All wine while it is fermenting gives off carbon dioxide. In most wines, the winemaker will make sure the fizz is out when it is bottled. In a natural wine, since there is very little human contact, the wine is bottled just as it ferments, no matter how it comes out. If you are not a fan of fizz, you can simply set this wine out and let it breath. The bubbles will disappear in a short time. While RayLen does not currently produce this type of wine, we are just as intrigued by and it may be something we look to produce in the future. For now, we do strive to produce some of the best wine in North Carolina and we do it as naturally as possible.

Blending the Trends

While we were constantly on the lookout for the latest 2020 wine trends, we have also blended a few of our favorites together. Our Fizzzy Sparkling Rosé is an excellent blend if you are curious to try out this year’s wine trends in one bottle. It is a fruity, semi-sweet wine created from a blend of peach and honeysuckle. The fizziness in this wine gives it a lighter flavor, which makes it a great addition to any brunch. Similar to our Fizzzy Bluzberry, Fizzy Sparkling Rosé is also offered in a bottle, single can, or a 4-pack

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