The Many Upsides of Becoming a RayLen Vineyards & Winery Case Club Member

At RayLen Vineyards & Winery, we started our Case Club to offer unique benefits to our loyal customers. As part of the Case Club, members can enjoy a variety of perks including discounts, exclusive hours, and an invitation to our annual membership dinner held every January.

Why RayLen Vineyards?

RayLen is named after Rachel and Helen Neely, the daughters of Joe and Joyce Neely. When the vineyard was established in 1999, the Neely family studied the Napa Valley family wine tradition, creating a tasting room and an outdoor spot for concerts, special events and community connection.

Aided by winemaker Steve Shepard, this winery is located in the heart of the Yadkin Valley. Rich soil, plenty of sun and the best European grape varieties make this winery an ideal place to meet and enjoy a new wine.

Enjoy Exclusive Discounts

You’re automatically a member of our Case Club when you purchase your first full case of wine from RayLen Vineyards. The more cases you purchase in a year, the greater your discount! Customers who purchase one to four cases of RayLen wine per year receive a 20% discount on cases. Those who purchase five to nine cases of RayLen wine per year are considered “Cork Club” members and receive a 25% discount on cases. Members who purchase 10 or more cases in a year are automatically enrolled in our highest membership level, “Premier Cru,” and receive a 30% discount on cases.

Free or Discounted Admission to Events

All members of the RayLen Vineyards & Winery Case Club receive complimentary tickets to most public events throughout the year. All members, regardless of whether you purchased one case or 20, are invited to our annual Christmas Party. We also host an annual membership dinner every January that is exclusively for our Premier Cru and Cork Club members. Of course, we also offer many events that are free and open to the public. Be sure to check our event calendar for upcoming events to learn more.

Exclusive Hours

Mix and mingle with fellow local wine lovers. On the second Thursday of every month, RayLen stays open to Case Club members exclusively from 6 – 8 p.m.

Free Shipping

Did you know that as a Case Club member residing in North Carolina, you can receive free shipping on case purchases? Enjoy this added perk on top of your already discounted case.

Expand Your Wine Palate With the RayLen Case Club

Once you make your first case purchase and are automatically enrolled as a Case Club member, the only limit is your imagination. Not only will you receive 20 to 30% off discounts on cases, but members who purchase five to nine cases in a year receive a 25% discount on single bottles and retail purchases, as well. For Premier Cru members who purchase 10 or more cases in a year, the single bottle discount and retail discount increases to 30%.

Our wines are carefully crafted by Steve Shepard, our winemaker. From red and white wines to sparkling wines and rose, we have something for every palate. With the discount you receive from being a Case Club member, you can try the range of our releases at a discount and find new favorites.

Cheers to Becoming a Case Club Member!

Don’t forget, you’re automatically enrolled as a Case Club Member when you purchase one case within a year’s time. The more cases you purchase from January 1 – December 31, the greater your membership perks! Learn more about all the perks you can receive by visiting the Case Club page on our website.

If you’re one to take advantage of free case shipping to North Carolina, don’t forget to come on out to see us every once in a while! We would love to put a face with the name and celebrate the joy of wines with you in person! Book with us online before you come and we’ll set up a wine tasting. The view and the beautiful countryside will pair nicely with your flight of wine samples.