Green Initiatives

RayLen Vineyards was North Carolina’s first winery to use solar power. Our first group of solar panels was installed next to the cellar and powers the winery’s refrigeration system.

We partnered with Duke Energy to install solar panels on land that wasn’t suitable for growing grapes.

The 3-acre solar farm delivers electricity back to the power grid enabling us to not only offset some of our energy costs, but also give back to the community. Be sure to check out the article below to learn more about this project.

The vineyard was named an official Certified Wildlife Habitat® site with the National and North Carolina Wildlife Federations.

In addition to the grape vines and solar panels, RayLen is also home to deer, wild turkeys, ducks, a migrating egret, wild foxes, rabbits, squirrels, and various birds. Part of a growing corridor of hundreds of certified habitats in the state, RayLen is proud to be recognized as a friend of wildlife who is helping birds, butterflies, and other local wildlife.

We worked with Davie and Forsyth County Beekeepers Associations to further our commitment to our green initiatives by adding a honey bee box onsite.

Wildflowers, clover, several flowering grasses, blueberry bushes and strawberry plants, and native non-invasive landscaping additions provide food for the bees. Long time Premier Cru member and local beekeeper Linda Shawcross is managing our resident bee hive and plans to bring more to RayLen in the future.

Most recently we debuted our electric vehicle charging station at the vineyard. We consider this just one more step in the process to become more environmentally friendly and reduce the property’s carbon footprint.

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